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Social Media Strategy

Create unique and good content targeted at your company's specific audience.


Advertise to that specific audience using paid ads. 

Review analytics and find out what is working. 

Rinse, Wash, Repeat. 


Email Marketing
Create and/or build a database via website and social media.  

Create 3 emails per week. One for each type of customer. (Past, Current, Future). 


SEO Optimization


We are focused on these 5 key components when building your SEO strategy.

  • Keyword Research ​

  • On Page SEO 

  • Off Page SEO

  • Backlinks 

  • Internal Links                 

As we get more visitors and gain authority, the website will begin to rank higher on Google.  

Weekly Consulting

Consult with your team once per week to discuss analytics, performance, and key insights.  

Twisted uses your

vision to build your digital real estate. We use your input to create your vision.


You are a part of the process! 

Paid Ads

Find your target audience use segmented ads to reach them. 

Twisted will Match your ad spend up to $500 per month.  

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